About Altratech

Next Generation Molecular Detection

At Altratech, we are moving the monitoring of viral contagious diseases to the point-of-care and outside of the clinical setting.

We recognise the common barriers to implementing this point-of-care or home monitoring systems revolve around sample prep, reagent storage, and user expertise.

However, we are committed to driving change in molecular detection, and through research and development of our KeyChain PNA probe, and novel Detection by Proxy, we can now enable this ‘Anywhere, anytime, by anyone’ technology.

Altratech is creating an infrastructure of technology and data to manage contagious viral diseases, important for the future of decentralised connected healthcare and wellbeing.

This will facilitate continuous health monitoring, outside a clinical setting, at point-of-care, and in the home.

Our Unique Value Proposition:

PNA’s are synthetic, stable, and robust, with a long shelf life, so no cold-chain shipping or refrigeration is needed. They target the RNA virus directly in-situ, so no sample-prep or extraction is required. This enables operation of the Altratech platform anywhere, by anyone, in any environment, warm or cold, from home-users routinely monitoring their health or viral condition, to world-health bodies monitoring viral health statistics and infectious disease crises and pandemics in real time.

The ‘Altra-PNA-designer’ software tool is an important part of propagating emerging PNA’s to much wider use, not just by Altratech, but by researchers, scientists, clinicians, and industry generally. It is the first to automate the design of PNA probes, by searching GenBank for all genomic data on an organism of interest, ensuring maximum viral strain coverage by the final curated set of designed probes.