“Altra”:  Gaelic: noun, verb:   Nurse, carer,  helper, minder, diagnose, medic

AltraTech brings biotechnology, semiconductors and genetics together, in a portable battery-operated 1-hour viral RNA infectious disease detection kit.  This enables rapid diagnosis and decision-making, on-site, in-clinic, by nurses, clinicians, veterinarians, and eliminates the delays of waiting for lab RT-PCR results.

From Farm to Pharma:

Portable BVD and IBR viral RNA kits address the emerging worldwide trend of mandatory testing to eliminate these pervasive illnesses from herds. Veterinarians can rapidly and accurately identify Persistently Infected (PI) animals on-farm,  and immediately remove them to prevent virus spread and re-infection.  Detecting the actual RNA virus avoids issues such as maternal antibody false positives, common in other antibody test kits.

In clinical diagnostics, the portable viral Nucleic Acid detection kits enable rapid and accurate on-site detection of HIV, Ebola, Zika viruses, in remote settings with little or no infrastructure.   Other applications include companion diagnostics, real-time gene-expression testing, point-of-care disease viral load quantification, and drug biomarker evaluation.  Benefits include on-the spot diagnosis, rapid individualized therapy prescription, and reduce time & cost of drug development.

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